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About Isha Décor

Three generations of experience in the industry, we are pioneers in Hand-crafted Rugs which add an element of luxury to any décor. Isha Decor brings to you the largest collection of the most superior handcrafted rugs that will add charm and vigour to your interiors. Serving across Turkey to far-east Asia, our collection consists of unique one-of-a-kind exquisite pieces. We are located in the community of Kerr Village in Oakville, Ontario.  Our clients range from individuals to professionals, as we serve families across generations.

We understand that there are stores that levy a perpetual discount of over 50% – 80% on rugs. But at Isha Decor, we value your hindsight and thus have a unique MRP marked on all our rugs. Handcrafted rugs are one the easiest way to enhance the ambience of the interiors of your home, in the most affordable as well as luxurious manner. Handcrafted rugs can be fetched within any budget, giving you the satisfaction of luxury at a budgeted pricing structure.

Our team of weavers and craftsmen create masterpieces of varied sizes at our own looms, using natural fibres such as wool, cotton, etc.

Our fine rugs are crafted based on various attributes of regions such as Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Persia, Baluch, Jaipur, Agra, Kashan, Isfahan, Tabriz, Heriz, Nain, Nain, Qum, Joshagan, Serapi, Kazakhstan, Russia and the Khorashan.

Recently, we have expanded our Oakville Gallery to include custom made furniture produced locally in Canada. We do our best in fulfilling our clientele needs by providing custom pieces which are not only functional but affordable. We have in house design ateliers that can take your vision to life. Our Live edge furniture made with the finest woods and finished to perfection. We also create luxurious custom seating and Upholstered beds using the finest materials from all over the world to create truly unique items for your décor. We get our inspiration from some of the leading designers, Architects, pioneers and trend-setters as well as your personal interests to create exceptional one of a kind conversation piece.


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