Habibian Nain Persian Rug 6.5’x4′ Beige

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Habibian Nain Silk Inlaid Rug



This beautiful, finely knotted carpet originates from the small yet world famous town of Nain, situated to the east of Isfahan and the great desert of central Persia, by Habibian also known as “the father of Nain rugs”. Habibian, represents one of the most elevated levels Persian master workshop knotting art. The  intricacy and the clarity of draftsmanship which has been applied to the classic Medallion composition, the grace with which the floral embellishment of the field has been orchestrated, and the tranquility of the borders ornamental rhythm, all combine into a visual statement of matchless elegance. The renowned Nain palette of delicate, predominantly pastel dye shades reciprocates the design and its pencil like drawing to perfection, while the superb kurk wool of the fine pile is richly chase throughout with glistening accents of silk-inlay work.


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