Indo Isfahan w/worsted wool Color: Blue (18’x12′)

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Truly a magnificent piece of  art with unremarkable craftsmanship crafted to fill a Palace foyer. This one of kind Indo-Isfahan Rug. The design stems from 16th Century style of the Safavid Persian Empire. Flowing over the surrounding field is a cohesive plethora of graceful floral and foliage forms from the regal lineage of the Shah Abass style. All subtly encased in a scheme of border stripes with flowing vine-meanders etched with pencil like delicacy all knotted with the finest worsted wool. An Isfahan of the highest artistic and and technical achievement, representing the possibly most coveted of all master workshop categories.


Color: Blue, Tan, Beige

Size Approx. (ft): 18’x12′

Suggested retail: 18899

Circa: 1960

Material: Wool


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