Vintage Persian Silk Rug 7’x4′

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Natural Silk Qum masterwork rugs of Persia have represented the highest and most precious form of knotted rug art since the earliest known carpets of the 15th and 16th centuries. This aristocratic tradition has been inherited by the all-silk rugs of Qum, and is among the most sought-after and valuable of all Oriental Rugs carrying an outstanding investment potential. This Exquisite specimen in the classic medallion-and-corner designs of Persia first developed under the Shahs of the Safavid dynasty. The handwoven harmony of colour approach and elegance of ornamentation perfectly complements the sumptuous splendour of the natural silk pile texture. The renowned floral design reciprocates more than 3 years of masterful work, knotting its extremely fine pencil like drawing to perfection. Knot count of over to 2.5 million completes this Silk Qum masterpiece of unforgettable beauty.

Color: Sage, Gold, Yellow, Purple, Red

Size Approx. (ft): 4×7

Suggested retail: $9280

Circa: 1960

Material: 100% Natural Silk


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