Vintage Russian Soomak Silk Kilim Color: Beige (4’x7′)

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Soumak rugs are generally very finely woven and feature richly detailed motifs. Traditionally, these spectacular flat-weave carpets are decorated with ancient symbols, tiny birds and geometric animals. Many of these geometric patterns and tribal symbols are associated with the Shahsavan tribe. In the 17th century, these influential warriors served as the personal bodyguards to Shah Abbas according to historic legends. The Shahsavan, who used Soumak weaving techniques widely, inhabited modern-day Azerbaijan and parts of Northwest Persia near Ardabil. Soumak rugs were woven in various carpet producing regions, the designs they feature are exceptionally diverse. Like other regional handicrafts, antique Soumak rugs are highly decorative and diverse textile pieces that flatter modern furnishings and soften minimalist interiors very well.

Color: Beige, Gold, Black

Size Approx. (ft): 4×7

Suggested retail: $1210

Circa: 1920

Material: Silk



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