Vintage Sri Nagar Kazak Color: Red (4’x6′)

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A superb medallion rug in which richness of color and glistening iridescence merino wool, highlighted with silk to produce a work of regal splendour and luxury. Its classical medallion from the ancient decorative lineage of central Persia is elegantly encased within a charming border of geometric floral arrangement of arabesque work contributing to item’s visual magnificence. Infusing the grandeur of the surrounding Himalayan mountain range, Sri Nagar carpet encompasses unforgettable beauty signed by famous Bibian craftsman. Works of this calibre demand the greatest possible skills, and invariably receive attention from discerning connoisseur. 

Color: Red, Grey

Size Approx. (ft): 4’x6′

Suggested retail: 789

Circa: 1970



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